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Overview of our Services:


To ensure the quality of the, LLC experience we have set up the following terms of service. If the following terms are infringed, this may result in a termination of your account.


Client and LLC will enter into one or more Scope of Work hereunder for the provision of the services of the Candidate, as part of the LLC Services. This means, the Candidate is an independent contractor, that will be engaged by LLC as an independent sub-contractor of LLC using the LLC Platform, to perform the LLC Services in favor of the Client.


Candidate requests and tasks are non-transferable. You cannot sell or give away tasks on your plan. If you want to transfer, then the other party must purchase a new plan. Your, LLC account is also non-transferable. That means if one person signs up, you cannot transfer ownership of that account to another person.


All, LLC plans are governed by a weekly hour limit by plan type 40 hours per week. If these hours are unused by the next week, the hours will not carry over to the next week.


All, LLC plans are flat monthly agreements at advertised or contracted prices, which start the onboarding date, this meaning the first charge occurs at the date of your scheduled onboarding with your Candidate. Subsequent charges occur between the 1st and the 5th of the month., LLC reserves the right to decide for any reason that monthly subscription prices need to be raised or decreased without notice after the contracted period. 


Advertised prices are subject to add on fees for custom solutions that you require which are outside of the typical solutions our Candidates can perform. 


If a payment is declined, Client has 48 hours to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved within that time frame,, LLC has the right to terminate or pause service until payment occurs.


Any agreement or attempted agreement between client and Candidate, in connection with a service contract, requiring that payment be made outside of, LLC without LLC written approval, shall constitute a material breach of this agreement and be subject to cancellation without refund. LLC may approve a private agreement between a client and a Candidate, if the agreement is informed to, LLC at least thirty (30) days in advance. If the agreement is accepted, client has to pay the value of 12 (twelve) months of subscription price plan as a compensation for LLC efforts invested in Candidate development and training. This payment must be done no later than seven days after the intent of agreement was informed.


Each request or task for the Candidate must be submitted clearly written by email, slack, or the method Client uses. Candidates work better when they receive clear tasks to be accomplished, so we suggest you write the tasks clearly and send them in a way it can be fulfilled. You can submit multiple tasks at one time, as long as they are clear.


Client will have one Candidate fully dedicated to its account. The Candidate will be the same individual that client always works with, so the Candidate can learn everything client business needs, systems, work scope, and more. You will see in a short period of time that you can rely on your rermoter and they will boost your team with growth.


You may request a change of Candidate at any time, for no added cost. In this unlucky circumstance, this process is completed by LLC, and usually takes between 1-2 weeks, although this may not always be the case, depending on the skills and tasks that are needed.


If you ever feel like our service could be better, you can always contact us by telephone or email us at [email protected]


Agreeing to these terms of service means you understand and agree to keep your tasks within the scope of our business.


Ownership and Confidentiality of Work Product:


If a Candidate creates anything original for you, such as research projects, reports, templates, spreadsheets, forms, etc. (“Work Product”),, LLC grants to you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-transferable license to use the Work Product for your own personal and commercial purposes.


To avoid doubt, you retain sole ownership of your confidential information and your intellectual property and, to the extent your confidential information or intellectual property is incorporated into the Work Product, it will be removed prior to any use or disclosure by, LLC to a third party.


As used in these Terms of Service, your confidential information means non-public information that you provide to, LLC or a Candidate that you reasonably expect, LLC to keep secret, including your personal information (i.e., your name, your social security number, your credit card information, and similar information), but does not include information that (1) becomes generally available to the public other than an unauthorized disclosure by, LLC or a Candidate; (2) was or becomes available to, LLC or a Candidate on a non-confidential basis prior to your disclosure of the information to, LLC or Candidate; (3) is independently developed by, LLC or a Candidate without using your confidential information; or (4) information we are required to disclose by a warrant, subpoena or other request in an investigation or legal proceeding or where disclosure is necessary to protect, LLC’s rights or property, or the rights or property of Candidates or our other clients.


As used in these Terms of Service, your intellectual property means patents, trademarks and copyrights owned by you and any insights, knowledge, and ideas provided by you in connection with creation of the Work Product.


Guarantee & Warranty:


Client and LLC will enter into one or more Scope of Work hereunder for the provision of the services of the Candidate, as part of the LLC Services. This means, the Candidate is an independent contractor, that will be engaged by LLC as an independent sub-contractor of LLC using the LLC Platform, to perform the LLC Services in favor of the Client.


There is no warranty on any of the information, tasks, or projects your Candidate completes for you. Our commitment is to do our best to provide the most accurate, most effective information available and we know Candidates do this better than anyone else. However, if by some unlucky circumstance the information or results client obtains from us are wrong, although we will be deeply sorry, you can not hold us accountable nor liable for it (or the results) legally.


Termination of Service:


We reserve the right to terminate the service of a, LLC client at any time, for any reason. Should this occur, we will give you a prorated refund at the standard monthly rate for any period for which you have already paid. That means that rarely and under great duress we may end our relationship with a client for any number of reasons including but not limited to the following:


If client is constantly requesting tasks outside the scope of their service plan and we are unable to find a solution by scaling back the requests.


If client is abusive to his/her Candidate or any other crew member.


If client requests illegal tasks or tasks deemed unethical of their Candidate or any other crew member.


If client would like to terminate service, we require 30 days notice., LLC Terms of Service Non-solicitation Provision:


I acknowledge that, LLC has made substantial investments in recruiting, training and matching skilled, LLC Candidates with each of its members including me, and that, LLC has a legitimate interest in earning a reasonable return on those investments.


I also acknowledge that, LLC has agreements with, LLC Candidates that protect this interest.


I acknowledge, as stated above, that if there is an intent of agreement between a, LLC Candidate with a, LLC Client, outside, LLC platform, therefore,, LLC must obtain a 30 days prior written consent before any direct engagement (whether as an employee, consultant, contractor or otherwise) and, LLC client must pay the value of twelve (12) months of subscription price plan as compensation for LLC efforts invested in Candidate development, training, and growth. This payment must be done no later than seven days after the intent of agreement was informed.


Accordingly, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, client agrees that during membership and for a period of twenty four (24) months immediately following the termination of the relationship with, LLC for any reason, whether voluntary or involuntary, with or without cause, client shall not directly or indirectly solicit any, LLC Candidate/Candidate who is assigned to client at that time or who was assigned to client within six months preceding termination of client relationship with, LLC to leave his or her employment with, LLC and to work for client in any engagement directly or indirectly; except when an agreement between client and, LLC Candidate happened as mentioned above with express, LLC consent, and only if the twelve (12) months of subscription plan payment compensation was effectively made


I shall also not directly or indirectly solicit any, LLC Candidate referral, friend, family or acquaintance. Should any solicitation by me become a substantial factor resulting in a, LLC Candidate/Candidate leaving, LLC and accepting an engagement with me directly or indirectly without, LLC’s consent, I agree to pay, LLC as liquidated damages calculated to compensate, LLC for its lost investments and not as a penalty of any kind, a one-time fee equivalent to two years of my monthly, LLC subscription in effect at the most recent date that the, LLC assistant had been assigned to me by, LLC.


Data Rights and Protection:, LLC has the utmost respect for our customers’ privacy and information protection. Given the ever changing regulatory environment, we strive to stay ahead of the curve. If at any time a customer discontinues their relationship with, LLC, the customer can request that his or her personal data is wholly erased from our records.


In our mission to ethically and lawfully serve our customers we have the following policies in place in order to adhere to international and domestic law


Obtaining Consent:, LLC wrote our terms of service to make it as understandable and straightforward as possible. Our valued customers are able to give and rescind consent at any time. 


Data Portability:


This gives users rights to their own data. Customers will be able to obtain their data from, LLC in an electronic report and reuse that same data in different environments outside of ours.


Privacy by Design:, LLC has a full and detailed map of our data collection process and the various parties privy to that data, LLC has specifically designed its systems and trained its staff to maintain customer privacy. We strive to continue to improve and adapt this design to be forward looking.


Updated Date: 3/26/22