Why Us?

Latam has become one of the world’s greatest and most innovative tech hub, driving attention worldwide.  Pandemics have accelerated this context exponentially

Latam shares the U.S. Time Zones. Candidates work in your time zone, unlike other offshore locations.

Our candidates are +90% university graduates, screened from the best online tech communities in Latin America.

Our candidates have verbal and written proficiency in both English and Spanish. Every candidate has approved an EF Standard English proficiency test with at least a B2 level (Upper-Intermediate) or higher. View Levels.

We have AI technology tools to screen our candidate’s skills and personalities. Only 10% of our candidates make it into our Remoting.la Community

Our candidates are marketing & design or related fields experts.

Our services are risk-free, 100 % money back guaranteed, affordable, between 30-50% less than outsourcing in the US, with no setup fees or hidden fees. Same talent, better costs, better results!

Who we are

Our mission is simple.

We want remote companies to unlock massive growth by leveraging on our talented college-educated, trained, English-speaking, full-time remote resources without wasting time. 

We want our remoters to land their dream jobs, belonging to the best online environment to work, learn and provide unique career growth opportunities.

Our partners have an extensive track record in company scaling, team building, digital transformation, and talent sourcing.

Ignacio Franchini

CEO & Founder

Gonzalo Arzuaga